Long Term Berth/Mooring Permit Application - Port of Apollo Bay

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Type of vessel
Please upload a copy of the current certificate of insurance for the vessel.  The date of expiry must be within the dates of 1 October and 30 September for the current year of operation.
Upload requirements
Current registration for your vessel. Please ensure that the expiry date falls within the renewal period for your berth or mooring.
Upload requirements
Upload requirements
I acknowledge that I am familiar with the Port of Apollo Bay Safety and Environment Management Plan (SEMP).  The current version is located at https://www.colacotway.vic.gov.au/Recreation-tourism/Port-of-Apollo-Bay.
I accept the overall objectives and agree to abide by the action plans contained within the document.
Marina Berth of Mooring Line Integrity
As a marina berth holder at the Port of Apollo Bay, I acknowledge that my mooring lines have been regularly inspected and are suitable and safe for my vessel. I wish to be contacted in the event of any wear or failures on the mooring lines and agree to rectify any defects immediately.
As the holder of a swing mooring at the Port of Apollo Bay, I acknowledge that Port Management will arrange annual inspection of my allocated mooring by a certified diving contractor in order to certify its compliance with the requirements of the standard swing mooring apparatus  and in serviceable condition.  I agree to rectify any issues of non-compliance immediately.
I have read the Port of Apollo Bay User Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of Occupation of a Berth or Mooring.  I agree to abide by all of the required terms and conditions.
My signature indicates my acceptance of a marina berth or swing mooring as indicated for the 12 month period from 1 October to 30 September in the year of application.
Upon receipt of a completed application, I understand that an annual invoice will be issued.
The authority for occupation of the berth or mooring will be issued once the relevant fee has been paid.
For a new application commencing part way into the annual renewal period, the authority for occupation will be for the period from the date of application to 30 September.
The fee charged will be a pro-rata proportion of the annual fee.